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The Best Laid Plans!

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Well, you know how it! Too legit to quit!... as a notorious regional gurl once posted...


My transition out of the hobby is not as clear cut as I had believed... I'm still having such a blast! Hard to leave something you love and do well.

I'm not travelling as much but reach out, let me know your out there! And we can try and make something happen!

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The Bit is back, as a matter of fact! Catch me while you can! Limited edition and naughty as usual! I'm your huckleberry! Read more

Exit Strategy, Ergo, Retiring Soon

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Alas, I am winding this era of my life down and would love to say goodbye, good and proper! This site is no longer a premium membership site so, please ignore ads and pop ups! Best form of contact is email: [email protected] Retiring Nov 14th, 2016! States you can catch up with me are Washington, Montana, Utah, and Colorado. I'm your huckleberry! OxO! Lala Read more

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Love to all and happy holidays!  Read more