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Seattle and the Binary Bit

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Heyhay hay!

Seattle! Available Wed, late afternoon, through Thurs eve, then Fri and Sat, Kent! Hold onto your hats boys, it's gonna be a hell of a ride! Email: [email protected] or please contact me through this site. Oh yes, let's!

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Hard Driving Woman: Travel Dates

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Heyhay hay! Let's do this thing!

Flathead, MT. Aug 15, 16

Seattle and surrounding WA. Aug 19 -25

Salt Lake City, UT. Aug 27-1, 

Seattle, WA. Sept 7-10

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Sad Face Emoticon

Billings, I've had a family emergency and had to roll back to home to pack and be available, if need be.

Family is a sticky thing but regardless of how you feel about each other, you need to do the right thing.

I hope to visit along the way so keep your eyes peeled... and your schedules open, OxO, La

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TNA Reviews!
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